1st Newsletter

1st Newsletter

Dear all,

I would like to inform you about the project we are conducting and which perhaps could be useful as a learning tool for digital skills for adults with little training.

The project aims to strengthen the ability of adults to efficiently use digital tools as a precondition for improving their personal and professional life, significantly reducing the trend towards the intergenerational digital divide.

In particular, the project will provide non-formal learning tools for low-skilled adults in order to support them in achieving specific digital skills, in line with the European document DigComp 2.1 for basic and intermediate levels.


IO1 - Map of digital skills

  1. Specific key digital skills required by low-skilled adults to improve the quality of their professional and personal life.
  2. Sixteen selected good practices, twenty interviews (5 per country) with key stakeholders on digital training for adults and their social inclusion through the use of digital tools for their daily life.
  3. A digital competency map in line with EQF and DigComp2.1, four national focus groups with relevant actors for the validation of the competences map, four national validation reports and one European validation report.
  4. For more detailed information on the results of this intellectual output, contact the project coordinator / partners

IO2 - DInSAd Board Game

  1. An interactive board game that will enable low-skilled adults to acquire basic digital knowledge, skills and competences.
  2. A game methodology and four specific tools, a board game, guidelines developed for mentors / study circle leaders, 20 low-skilled adults engaged in testing the board game, four mentors / study circle leaders engaged in game testing four national validation reports and one European validation report.

IO3 - DInSAd Virtual Game

  1. A virtual learning game to help low-skilled adults acquire digital skills at an intermediate level, as described by DigComp 2.1.
  2. A virtual game that implements guidelines for trainers / mentors and guidelines for users. An internal test reports forty (40) low-skilled adults and four trainers / mentors engaged in testing virtual gaming in partner countries. Four national test reports, one European test report and one final game tuning report

For any information, do not hesitate to contact me! I am also attaching the brochure that summarizes all the most important moments of the project.

Thanks for the attention!!!!